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I'd like to be involved. Can I be a marshal on the day?



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Is the run course flat?


Yes, the run course is predominately flat.

Route maps are available on the respective race pages below:

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Do I need to be able to swim?


YES, for obvious safety reasons you must be able to swim as you will be entering an open water environment.

Our safety crews will be there to assist you if you need help.

However, as a guideline, we suggest you have a minimum competency of:

There are time limits for the swims and if you exceed them, you could be removed from the water. The time limits are:

  • TryAthy - 9 mins
  • Sprint - 27 mins
  • Olympic - 55 mins
  • Double Olympic - 110 mins

Note: TriAthy swim race distances are TryAthy 250m, Sprint 750m, Olympic 1,500m and Double Olympic 3,000m. Click on the links to review. 

SwimAthy: We strongly recommend that you to take part in SwimAthy to test the water ahead of race day. SwimAthy takes place on Sunday 27th May 2018.

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Why do I need a Race Licence to participate at TriAthy 2018?

  • TriAthy 2018 is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.
  • As such all participants are required to have a "Race Licence" in order to participate for insurance purposes.
  • A Race Licence is either:
    • Full Membership of Triathlon Ireland in 2018 (Full, Student, or Junior membership only);  OR
    • Full Membership in 2018 of any affiliated ITU Organsiation (including the British Triathlon Federation encompassing: Triathlon England / Welsh Triathlon / Triathlon Scotland)
    • A One Day Membership for the TriAthy event you are taking part in
  • Both Triathlon Ireland Membership and One Day Membership's can be purchased directly from Triathlon Ireland.
  • Note that One Day Membership for the TryAthy Course race is at the discounted rate of €15. For all other races, the One Day Membership is €25.

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I have a disability - can I participate?

  • We do our best every year to accommodate participants with disabilities.
  • Please use our online contact form to email us description of your disability and the assistance you would require to take part and we will see what we can do to make it possible.

10 months ago
Who do I contact for Lost Property?

  • You can use our online form to contact us.
  • Details of left or found property will be posted online after the race.
  • Please ensure that your name is on your wetsuit and that you check it before leaving the race.

10 months ago
Will there be official results?

  • Timing Results will be provided by our timing partners.
  • Details will be available in advance of raceday.
  • Provisional results will be available live on the day via our website.
  • Your provisional results will be emailed to you shortly after the race.
  • All results are provisional until queries, penalties and anomalies are dealt with, this usually takes up to 7 days.

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What is the route?



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What time does the race start?

  • The race timetable is available on our Race Schedule Page.
  • An indicative timetable will be posted during March 2018 to give the broad times.
  • A more detailed timetable will be posted within 10 days of the event to give a more detailed breakdown of race day.


10 months ago
I am no longer able to race. What are my options?

  • Under the T&C of entry, you can withdraw from the TriAthy event on or before 1st April 2018.
  • You will be entitled to a refund less the administration fee of €15.
  • To request a refund, please use the online contact form.
  • After the 1st April 2018, the only option available to you is to either
    • Change To A Different Race; or
    • Transfer your entry to somebody else.
  • Please see the FAQ above for these details.

10 months ago
I paid but I don't seem to be entered - what should I do?

  • If you have been charged the entry fee but have not received any emails from Active Europe or us, perhaps they are going to your spam folder. Please see the above FAQ.
  • If you are still concerned that you are not entered please do not leave it until the last minute to query it. Contact us via our online form. Please do not use Facebook or Twitter to escalate this query as you may experience a delay in our reply.

10 months ago
What are the Age Restrictions for taking part at TriAthy 2017?

  • Adult entrants:
    • Must be 18 or over on 31 December 2018.
    • There is no upper age restriction.
  • Junior entrants:
    • Must be 16 to 19 on on 31 December 2018.
    • Can only enter the Sprint Course distance race.
    • All junior entrants must be holders of Triathlon Ireland Junior Membership, in line with requisite parental consents.

10 months ago
How do I know I have been accepted into the Race?

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Active Europe upon entering the event.
  • If you need to search for this in your email inbox (or spam folder), here is the originating email address: noreply@awntx3.email.active.com.
  • The confirmation email should look like the sample one below from last year's event.

  • Note the various features of the email - there are links here that can help you update your entry in the run-up to raceday.
  • Please note: We also have a ENTRY LISTING on our website. This listing is indicative of being entered into the race, but not conclusive as the listing is updated periodically. The confirmation email from Active Europe is conclusive evidence of entering the race.
  • You will also receive information emails from TriAthy leading up to the event. To avoid our emails going into your spam folder and getting lost, please add ‘info@triathy.com” to your address book.
  • If you have not received any email correspondence, the following may be the case:
    • You provided an incorrect or out of date email address.
    • The emails are being directed into your junk folder.
    • Our emails are being rejected by your email server.
  • Important: If you have not received confirmation of your payment you are not entered!

10 months ago
Can I request to be in a particular wave or have my own start time?

  • Unfortunately not. Your race start time will be set in advance and will NOT be changed once assigned by the Race Director.
  • Bear in mind TriAthy 2018 will involve logistics for 2,200 people over four different races, so bespoke requests like this are very impractical and can't be entertained.
  • In 2018, we expect to continue with a "Rolling Start" format where instead of set wave times, there will be a continuous flow to the race starts. This has dramatically reduced wait times at the start of our event leading to a better race experience.

10 months ago
How do I enter TriAthy 2018?

  • Entry to TriAthy 2018 is via the Active Europe entry system;
  • You can start the entry process now by clicking on the link below:

11 months ago
What happens in an emergency?

  • Please be advised that road closures DO NOT affect the blue light services, and a member of each will be with us at Race Control during the event so we can respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency call-out.

11 months ago
How will the roads be closed?

  • Road will be closed in conjunction with the Local Authority and Garda Siochana using cones, barriers and traffic management personnel, supplemented by motor cycle marshals.
  • This will create a traffic free environment for the entire event thereby enhancing event safety and improving the overall experience for our competitors.


11 months ago
Which roads are closed during the event?

  • We will list which roads and at what times that these roads will be closed as the event approaches.
  • Please be sure to plan your journey carefully, the road closures will add time to your travel.

11 months ago
I'm a local resident and need to make a journey on the day of the event.

  • Road Closures will be in place in the area on 2nd June 2018.
  • Further details will be posted here approximately 4 weeks prior to raceday.

11 months ago
Where are the best places to view the course?

  • Please visit our website for race maps.
  • The roads will be closed so the best viewing platforms are:
    • On Crom-a-boo Bridge and along the river banks for the Swim;
    • Along Offaly Street for the start of the Bike Course; and
    • In the Dominican Church grounds for the exiting Finishing Chute.
  • Because we have opened up a new advanced transition zone, together with an exciting new finish area, there will be less crowding and more room for spectators.

11 months ago
Do I need to pay to watch the race?

  • Absolutely not!
  • We welcome all spectators to cheer their friends and family on.
  • Your support really can make a difference to them!
  • We introduced a new spacious finishing area in the grounds of the former Dominican Church in 2016, which we expect to use again in 2018.
  • Bring the family and picnic and find a spot on the grass!

11 months ago
What will I be doing as a marshal?

  • Marshalling Roles are varied. You could be:
    • Directing athletes;
    • Helping at the start/finish
    • Providing information for spectators; or
    • Handing out the all-important medals.
  • You will be assigned to your role based on your level of experience and availability.
  • Marshalling also gives you one of the best seats in the house to enjoy the full race experience.

11 months ago
What can I leave in transition?

  • Your bike, helmet and bike shoes. Optionally, you can leave a small towel for your feet together with the remainder of your race kit.
  • Whilst transition is fully secure, all belongings are left at owner’s risk.
  • Please note that only you and your kit will be allowed into transition.
  • This is a high security area and access will only be given to those wearing a race number.
  • No boxes or bags may be left at the bike racks.
  • There will be a designated bag drop area at TriAthy 2018. Competitors may place a small bag at the bag drop for collection at the new finish area. This bag is normally use by competitors to stow warm clothing etc until transition re-opens.
  • Transition will re-open after the last competitor has exited on to the run course on the sanction of the Race Director.

11 months ago
Can my friends and family see me at the finish line?

  • In 2016 we introduced a new finishing area which we expect to use again in 2018.
  • It will be on the opposite side of the river and it is very spacious and spectator friendly.
  • Bring the family and picnic and find a nice spot on the grass beside the River Barrow!

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