How do I wear my race number?

  • You will be provided with a TriAthy Race Bib together with a TriAthy Race Belt similar to the one shown below:

  • Race Bibs will be colour coded (Red for Double, Orange for Olympic, Blue for Sprint, and Green for Try)
  • During the swim your bib will not be visible as it will be under your wetsuit.
  • During the bike section your number must be displayed on your back.
  • During the run section, your number must be displayed on your front.
  • You can affix the number to the race belt provided at our registration venue. This allows for an easy swivel of the race number between bike and run legs.
  • The Race Belt has holders for race gels if required.

What do I wear beneath my wetsuit?

  • You should wear whatever you will complete the rest of the race in beneath your wetsuit.
  • This way, when you strip off your wetsuit after the swim your ready immediately to cycle.
  • Nudity in the transition area is not allowed, as it is against the rules! Wear what feels comfortable.
  • It is not advised to try new clothing on race day.
  • Train in your gear before race day if at all possible to test race conditions and the clothings effect on your body.
  • Remember lycra will dry out quicker than cotton.

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