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Why do I need a Race Licence to participate at TriAthy 2019?

  • TriAthy 2019 is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event.
  • As such all participants are required to have a "Race Licence" in order to participate for insurance purposes.
  • A Race Licence is either:
    • Full Membership of Triathlon Ireland in 2019 (Full, Student, or Junior membership only); OR
    • Full Membership in 2019 of any affiliated ITU Organsiation (including the British Triathlon Federation encompassing: Triathlon England / Welsh Triathlon / Triathlon Scotland); OR
    • A One Day Membership for the TriAthy event you are taking part in.
  • Both Triathlon Ireland Membership and One Day Membership's can be purchased directly from Triathlon Ireland.
  • Note that One Day Membership for the TryAthy race is at the discounted rate of €15. For all other races, the One Day Membership is €25.

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My results are not online. Who do I contact?

  • If you have a query about your result after the race, please contact our Timing Partner via the link on the Results Page.
  • Details will also be available in the Athlete Guide when it is published.

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My Race is SOLD OUT - What can I do?

  • Race places are available on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Last minute places may become available if other entrants decide to cancel their entry and withdraw from the race in question in advance of race day.
  • If places become available we will publicise this on our website and social media channels.
  • Please note we cannot guarantee that such places will become available.

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Can I give my race entry to someone else?

  • Yes you can! This is a self-administrated process through the Active Europe System
  • Simply open the confirmation email that you received from Active Europe. See the example email below:

  • Your registration details are all set out, beside a QR code.
  • You will see two links below the QR code; “Transfer to someone else” and “Change category”.
  • To give away your race entry, click “Transfer to someone else” and you will be directed to the Active Europe site.
  • Log-in and complete the online form to transfer your entry. Please note there is a €5 charge (+7% Active Europe fee) to transfer your place. An email will be sent to the transferee with their registration details.
  • Please note that the Organisers can not make any changes on your behalf, you must use the Active Europe system. All changes must be made by midnight on MONDAY 20th May 2019.

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How do I enter TriAthy 2019?

  • Entry to TriAthy 2019 is via the Active Europe entry system;
  • You can start the entry process now by clicking on the link below:

  • Simply select the race you wish to enter and then sign up using the Active Europe system.
  • There are 4 Great Races to choose from:






in total have now entered as of:


  • Entry is open to:
    • Individuals (doing the full triathlon); or
    • Relay Teams (of 2, or 3 participants) in the Olympic race ONLY.
  • Please note that TriAthy is a Triathlon Ireland sanctioned event and as such you must hold a valid RACE LICENCE in order to participate. See our separate FAQ on obtaining a Race Licence.

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How do I change to a different TriAthy race?

  • Changing from one race to another is possible but it a self-administered process and is subject to availability of places in the race you wish to move to.
  • To change, simply open the confirmation email that you received from Active Europe. See below showing a sample.

  • Your registration details are all set out, alongside a QR code.
  • You will see two links below the QR code; “Transfer to someone else” and “Change category”.
  • To change your race distance, click “Change category” and you will be directed to the Active Europe site. Log-in and make your new race selection and complete the online process. Please note there is a €5 (+7% Active Fee) charge to change race. You will receive a new email to confirm your amended race details.
  • Please note that the Organisers can not make any changes on your behalf, you must use the Active Europe system.
  • All changes must be made by midnight on Wednesday 22nd May 2019

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What is the route?

  • The route for each race is detailed in each of the race pages shown below. Click on the race of your choice below to find out more about the course and route.





  • The routes shown online are the expected courses.
  • The final courses will be agreed with our race stakeholders by end of April 2019.

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What time does the race start?

  • An indicative schedule will be posted during March 2019 on the website to give indicative race times for TriAthy 2019.
  • It is expected that all races will have started by midday with the majority of finishers completing the course by 14:40hrs.
  • A more detailed timetable will be posted within 10 days of the event to give a more detailed breakdown of race day.
  • Please also refer to the Athlete Guide when it is published.

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Do I need a wetsuit?

  • Yes - Wetsuits are compulsory for racing at TriAthy.
  • Your wetsuit will keep you warm and improve your swimming speed and buoyancy.
  • It is also an important safety aid in the event of experiencing difficulties.
  • We strongly recommend putting your name on the inside of your wetsuit in case it is left behind on race day.

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Will there be official results?

  • Timing Results will be provided by our timing partners.
  • Provisional results will be available live on the day via our website.
  • Your provisional results will be emailed to you shortly after the race.
  • All results are provisional until queries, penalties and anomalies are dealt with, this usually takes up to 7 days.

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Which roads are closed during the event?

  • We will list which roads and at what times that these roads will be closed as the event approaches.
  • Please be sure to plan your journey carefully, the road closures will add time to your travel.

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What swim safety measures are in place?

  • We are a very safety conscious event with a 100% safety record spanning over 12 years.
  • Our water rescue team are medics, rowers and canoeists who are based in the area all year round.
  • They are familiar with the behaviour and currents of the river.
  • Every person in the water will have a dedicated marshal watching them.
  • If you get into trouble, roll into the backstroke position and signal for help using your arm and one of our crew will come to your aid immediately.
  • Should you require further assistance, our ambulance crew will be on standby at the riverside.
  • Couple of additional facts about swimming at TriAthy:
    • The riverbank is never more than 20m away (the river is 40m wide at it's maximum point)
    • The river depth is generally chest high during June.
    • The river current is normally slow and steady during June.
    • Multiple canoeists and river-side marshals will be keeping close watch on our swimming triathletes.

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I am no longer able to race. What are my options?

  • Under the T&C of entry, you can withdraw from the TriAthy event on or before 1st April 2019.
  • You will be entitled to a refund less an administration fee of €15.
  • To request a refund, please use the online contact form.
  • After the 1st April 2019, the only option available to you is to either

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What is the deadline to purchase a Race Licence?

  • You should ensure that you purchase your race licence in advance of raceday.
  • The latest date to purchase a One Day Licence is midnight on Thursday 30th May 2019.
  • PLEASE NOTE: No Licence means No Race - There are NO exceptions to this policy.

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When do race entries close?

  • Entries will close for TriAthy 2019:
    • at midnight on Thursday 23rd May 2019 or
    • earlier if the relevant race fills to capacity before this date;
  • Typically each race will sell out before the official closing date, so we would advise entrants to enter well in advance;
  • Please don't be offended if requests to enter after this time can not be fulfilled.

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Will anything be posted out to me?

  • No - You will be emailed your Athlete Guide ahead of race day.
  • You will collect your timing chip, race bib, sports stickers and goodie bag at the designated registration venue.
  • If you have purchased a race t-shirt or kitbag it will be available for collection at the registration venue.
  • To ensure that our emails do not filter into your spam folder, please add "info@triathy.com” to your address book.
  • It is important that you continue to receive our email updates in advance of Raceday.

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Is the run course flat?

  • Yes, the run course is predominately flat.
  • Route maps and course profile available for each race on the respective links below:





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How do I wear my race number?

  • You will be provided with a TriAthy Race Bib together with a TriAthy Race Belt similar to the one shown below:

  • Race Bibs will be colour coded (Red for Double, Orange for Olympic, Blue for Sprint, and Green for Try)
  • During the swim your bib will not be visible as it will be under your wetsuit.
  • During the bike section your number must be displayed on your back.
  • During the run section, your number must be displayed on your front.
  • You can affix the number to the race belt provided at our registration venue. This allows for an easy swivel of the race number between bike and run legs.
  • The Race Belt has holders for race gels if required.

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What are the rules of triathlon?


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How do I know I have been accepted into the Race?

  • You will receive a confirmation email from Active Europe upon entering the event.
  • If you need to search for this in your email inbox (or spam folder), here is the originating email address: noreply@awntx3.email.active.com.
  • The confirmation email should look like the sample one below:

  • Note the various features of the email confirmation - there are links within this confirmation email that can help you update your entry in the run-up to raceday.
  • Please note: We also have an Entries listing on our website. This listing is indicative of being entered into the race, but not conclusive as the listing is updated periodically. See image below:

  • The confirmation email from Active Europe is conclusive evidence of entering the race.
  • To assist with event logistics and to keep you informed about the event you will also receive information emails from TriAthy leading up to the event. To avoid our emails going into your spam folder and getting lost, please add ‘info@triathy.com” to your address book.
  • It is a condition of entry that you must subscribe to receiving email communication about the event. It is of course within your right to unsubscribe from these communications, however we recommend that you do not do so until AFTER the event on 1st June. Please click here for our Privacy Policy / GDPR compliance code.
  • If you have not received any email correspondence, the following may be the case:
    • You provided an incorrect or out of date email address.
    • The emails are being directed into your junk folder.
    • Our emails are being rejected by your email server.
  • Please use the Contact Us link if you feel you have entered but have not received confirmation.
  • Important: If you have not received confirmation of your payment you are definitely not entered!

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How do I find out about raceday?

  • Our website is the main window into the event and will be the most up to date source for information.
  • In the 10 days before raceday, we will also be in touch with you by email to deliver our Athlete Guide - our complete guide to steer you through the event.
  • Please note you will NOT receive any details in advance of TriAthy by post.
  • It is recommended that you check our website frequently and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get up-to-date on the go.

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How do I update my registration details?

  • You can log into your Active Europe account and update your personal details.
  • You can find a link to this at the footer of the email that you received from them when you entered the race. See email sample below.

  • The link is “My Events” on www.active.com. All details must be up to date by midnight on 22nd May 2019.

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How is my Age Category determined?

  • In accordance with the ITU rules, your age is deemed to be your age as at 31 December 2019.
  • Here’s an example of what this means:
    • Andrea turns 40 on 31 July 2019.
    • TriAthy is in on 1 June 2019, a few weeks before her birthday.
    • Even though Andrea will be 39 when she races at Athy, the ITU rules state that she must race in the 40-44 Age Category
    • Why? - Because her age will be 40 on 31 December 2019.
  • Your category will be automatically generated when you enter based on your date of birth.

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Who do I contact for Lost Property?

  • You can use our online form to contact us.
  • Details of left or found property will be posted online after the race.
  • TIP: We often have left behind wetsuits after each event. To easily identify the owner please ensure that your name is on your wetsuit and that you check it before leaving the race.

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Can I request to be in a particular wave or have my own start time?

  • The only race with a wave start is the Double Olympic. For this race, waves will fill on a self-arranging basis (ie. first 150 in Wave 1, followed by the next 150 in the next wave approx 10 mins apart).
  • All other races will take a "Rolling Start" format where instead of set wave times, there will be a continuous flow to the race starts. In this format triathletes will start their clock when they cross the timing mat at the swim start and clock their time when they cross the finish-line.

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